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Skipping scenes

[Post New]by underwriter on Jul 20, 12 1:45 PM
I always raise my eyebrows when I see people, often people with a lot more posts than I have, complaining they are "forced to watch" this or that in a game. Generally you aren't forced to do anything. In this game, in the intro, cutscenes, dialogs, exiting, almost anywhere but in the HOs, you can definitely skip. If you don't see the word "SKIP" in the upper right, just click there anyway, and it will appear and work. I actually wish it were easier to re-play some of the exposition. I completely missed the woman's line about two sons, and to pick it up, had to start over. Moral of the story: don't (in any game) assume you can't skip just because you can't see a skip button, click on the page and see. Second moral: be careful what you ask for, you just might get it.

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Re:Skipping scenes

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Sep 8, 12 9:30 AM
i really like how you stated that.

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