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Walkthrough - Pride and Prejudice - Hidden Anthologies - English - Chapter 3-4

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Chapter 3

Look for the chicken with saga and cut the bread.
Click on the chicken
Find everything.
Click on the chicken and then the pan on the table.
Search the sage while clicking on the cupboard in the kitchen
Find everything.

Click on the sage and click on the pan on the table.
Click on the pan.
Take the pan and put it in the oven of the stove.
Now look for the knife.
Go to the Dining Room and find the knife on the mantelpiece.
The brown handle is on the shelf in the cabinett right.
Click on the silver knife and then the brown handle.
Now, the knife is complete.
Go back to the kitchen.
Take the knife on and click on the bread on the table.
Now, it become to cut.

Find everything.
Then you cross stich. I came not further.
(You can skip it, if you do nothing and wait 2 minutes).
You can then skip it click on the book left hand and choose

skip game (or something).

Chapter 4

Sometimes you must order the letter (click on the letter on the

right side down)

Search all
Click on her and find the dice and the key for the cabinet on

the right.
Click the right vase on the mantelpiece,
there behind are the dice.
Click on the table there lies the backgammon board.
Click on the white scarf then you find the backgammon box.
Now search the books,
wen you do not have all click on the round red button right

below the you got help from him.
Put the books in the bookcase above her.

Then you must set the books in the right order.
I skipped after waiting for 2 minutes.

Go to the kitchen and call Mr. (red button bottom right) for

help, if you still have numbers.You got numbers by finding wax


Go to the Drawing Room and click on the painting above the

fireplace, there's the key.
Open the drawer.
Put the dice and backgammon backgammon board in the box.
Pick it up and do it in the drawer of the cabinet right.

Click on her in the chair then you go further.

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