Okay, I'm so done with this game

[Post New]by StarSeeker1043 on Jul 20, 12 7:15 PM
Just like the first BB, it's nearly impossible (or very difficult for those who have succeeded) to open up relaxed mode. It should NOT be this much of a challenge. Maybe having to make it halfway through the game, sure. Or here's a novel idea, allow relaxed mode to be a choice from the beginning, like a lot of games allow, giving us a choice which mode we'd like to play in. I get having to unlock challenge mode, but relaxed mode should be a choice we have from the beginning or, like I said, at least halfway through the game. Not having to struggle your way to second place (and I've heard from some who have made it to second place that they STILL can't get relaxed mode opened up) in order to have the privilege of playing in a relaxed manner. Yeah, I get that's the idea behind a time management game. I play LOTS of time management games. But none as tedious (and monotonous) as this one. I wrote a review that I loved it. And, at first, I did. But let's be real, here...... the 2nd BB isn't much different from the first. If I were a developer of this game and we'd make a 3rd one, it best be WAY different from the first two, meaning relaxed mode would be easier to unlock and I'd STOP making people jump through a ton of hoops; meaning if one food must be served in order to pass the level, lay off forcing folks to serve a bunch of other irrelevant foods that don't pertain to the current goal.

Again, I don't mind a challenge. But some levels of this game are beyond unfair to the player.


Re:Okay, I'm so done with this game

[Post New]by judyroehm on Oct 5, 12 8:09 AM
I have to agree with you. Don't know why that can't give you the choice to play relaxed from the beginning. It's not like it's going to cost them anything. I'm done with the game too. It's suppose to be fun and this is just frustrating.

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Re:Okay, I'm so done with this game

[Post New]by coppermermaid on Nov 26, 12 6:49 AM
Count me in. I get no satisfaction from this game. The characters move too slow and the coffee speed up is to slow to recharge. I was wondering about the relaxed mode too. I finally uninstalled it!

Sea Anemone
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Re:Okay, I'm so done with this game

[Post New]by aggy5 on Dec 2, 12 12:43 PM
I've wasted money and some of my free games on games that are impossible to
get through. I don't understand the point of making games that we can never
finish...it's very frustrating. This has happened on at least five time management
games that I've purchased. Why don't you take a lot of our advice and improve
on some of the things folks suggest? I also would like a choice of relaxed mode
in the beginning of the game. I've been looking online for some kind of cheats to
help get through the game, but unfortunately no luck! Another game deleted.

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