Spoiler for Level 62

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Jul 21, 12 1:19 PM
Some Major tips on this one
(1) - Need to upgrade strawberries once
(2) plant 3 straw and 5 wheat 4 times
At same time purchase flour x3 and produce asap
then plant 3 straw and 5 corn twice

then plant and sell strawberries buy 1 cow upgrade grass x3
Dont buy another cow until after you have upgraded strawberries
buy 3 more cows
make butter and do popcorn
with strawberry profits buy sugar x3 and plant 20 sugar beets
upgrade tart x3 and when popcorn is finished buy jam x3

My machines when finished were:
Storage max 100, tart x3, butter x3, jam x3 and sugar x3

Finished time 10;46


Re:Spoiler for Level 62

[Post New]by ksteinway on Jul 24, 12 3:29 PM
I can not get past this level! Can you be more specific? Do you keep growing strawberries until you can upgrade them before you do anything else? Or, do you start with the flour right away?

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Re:Spoiler for Level 62

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Jul 26, 12 3:59 AM
Hi ksteinway,

Great news - I found some more help on this level over here.

I hope that by using the information in that thread along with EPF4CATSBK's tips, that you will have more success!

Best of luck to you and happy farming!


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Re:Spoiler for Level 62

[Post New]by popi42 on Feb 13, 13 9:41 AM

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Re:Spoiler for Level 62

[Post New]by lacard on May 8, 13 8:40 AM
Thanks for the help everybody ! This stage was tough. Finished at 10:31 after 13 tries. Kept finishing at 11:03 until I did the following:
Plant strawberries & wheat, sell strawberries
Plant strawberries & wheat, upgrade storage & buy flour 3x,sell strawberries
Plant strawberries & wheat, make flour until have 20 flour while selling strawberries
Once strawberry money is up to around $85K, upgrade strawberries 2x, grass 3x, and buy cows. Have 3 cows and 2 hedghogs when enough money.
Make butter while planting strawberries & corn until 10 corn making popcorn as butter and corn are available.
Keep the cows and hedgehogs and keep making butter all the time.
When enough money buy sugar machine and plant strawberries & beets. Upgrade sugar to 3x when enough money and until 20 sugars.
Once popcorn is done, buy jam machine and upgrade with strawberry money keeping 3 strawberries in storage at all times.
Upgrade Tart machine to 3x when enough money.
Around 2 minutes, I had enough strawberries to finish so I just paid attention to the machines.
Hope this helps !

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