Can't load game

[Post New]by dracolich35 on Jul 22, 12 12:07 PM
So I downloaded fairway and the game manager on my mac. now i can open the game manager, but i cannot open the fairway game at all. when i download and unzip the file for the game all i get is an icon called bigfishgames_p149974244_s1_l1 clicking this icon will not run the game and nothing i do seems to help. i tried re-downloading the game but i keep getting the same thing. when i try to add the game to the game manager i get a message that no games were found on my computer. i have a feeling that im overlooking something simple but i don't know what is wrong. please help

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Re:Can't load game

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Jul 22, 12 12:21 PM
Hi dracolich35 and Welcome to the Forums!

When you open the Game Manager, you should see an icon there for Fairway, with a "Play" button next to it. All of our games run through the Game Manager, so you should always be able to launch them from there.

If the game isn't listed there, it could be that something happened during the download. In that case, I'd first try the suggestions in this help article:

Problems Downloading or Installation Failed

If you try that and are still having trouble getting the game to start, please get in touch with our Mac Support team, so they can start working on this with you directly. Just click right here to submit a support ticket.

Also, we do have a specific thread here where we'd like to keep track of any technical issues that come up with this game. I'm going to lock this thread and move it over the Fairway Forum now, to keep things tidy. You're welcome to post in that other thread if you'd like though!

I hope this helps!


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