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Need help with strategy.

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on Jul 23, 12 3:07 PM
In the game tutorial I wish there was a section to explain the different forms of strategy needed to play this game. All I am doing is matching gems until the number of clock hands are collected. There must be more to this game.

The black pieces now pose a considerable problem. When the first black piece showed it, it did show that the black piece could be switched with a gem. It also stated that by using strategy, we could get rid of the black pieces. In the example they showed, it looked like if we matched 3 gems that were touching a black piece, then that black piece disappeared, however, I have found that not to be the case.

Right now, I am at a standstill. The gems were placed in the shape of an hourglass with the black pieces filling in the rest of the screen. Every time I play this level, I get to a point where there are no more moves due to all the black pieces in the way.

I can use all the sources of strategy available. THX


Re:Need help with strategy.

[Post New]by LavenderLion on Jul 23, 12 11:19 PM
You can get rid of the black metal pieces with an explosion near them or with the hammer or thaw (if you have upgraded the bonus enough). You can also move the black pieces if you can make a match with the colored gems.

If the level you are stuck on is a puzzle level, just skip it. There is a skip button on the right.

If its a regular level, make matches at the bottom first. The black pieces will fall and new gems enter at the top so that you can make more matches.

Overall, the goal is to save the town - get all the buildings lighted. Including the clock tower. The buildings slowly go dark again as you play. So you have to go back to some and save them again. I recommend you dont worry about that at the beginning. I was driving myself crazy trying to keep each building light. Once I decided to let some go I actually made more progress. Spend the bonus points on things that will help with the M3 play or on the really big house savers (like the shield that keeps a building from ever going dark again).

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