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triangle clock

[Post New]by lauder on Jul 23, 12 4:35 PM
it keeps showing were to put it, but I keep trying to put it in that area and it wont take. does anyone know the exact area. thank you

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Re:triangle clock

[Post New]by Sablesshadow on Jul 28, 12 6:28 AM
Hi lauder, I stumbled on the answer, hope I can explain clearly.

In the room where the red roses are on the left wall above the bed, the large metal structure has a bunch of things on the floor.

You had to put a pin in the red thing previously.

The triangle clock goes on the middle of the large metal structure - you can barely make out the empty triangle spot, but the very large lamp post sticking out of the right side is pointing right at it.

When you hover your cursor over the empty space, you'll get a message "something goes here" I believe.

Good luck, and if I can help further, feel free to ask.

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