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Review of Pocahontas: Princess of the Powhatan

[Post New]by Duetgirl on Jul 23, 12 9:44 PM
I have played a million HOG games, and this one was a STRAIGHT HOG. I couldn't find a lot of the items-- had to use the hint button a LOT (very unusual for me) . Many of the items were too dark, and blended in to each other. This game did not give me the option of playing in any mode (i.e. beginner, expert, etc). It had little puppet-like figures with sayings underneath. This would be great for a child-- it seems to be geared to that level. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the music. Very new-age piano music-- extremely well done. No where I could find who did the music. Reminds me of my friend Kenny Kleinpeter who plays music like that. Overall, I'm not gonig to buy this game-- as I like a little more 'adventure' in my games. Plus I found the objecgts too difficult to find. The Chronicles of Albian, the Magic Convention-- which is also pretty straight HOGS with a lot of puzzles thrown in, seemed a lot more interesting.

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