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game stopped loading...

[Post New]by bkri1977 on Feb 5, 09 8:41 PM
This is the first game i have bought on here in ages, and it just stopped working. i got through maybe 15 levels, and now it won't load. just gets stuck on the 'now loading' page with the lady in the shopping cart. i haven't altered my computer, added anything, or removed anything.

anyone have any ideas?

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Re:game stopped loading...

[Post New]by MarkAlan on Feb 5, 09 10:38 PM
For me, the problem was my Anti-Virus scanner.
If you are running a real-time anti-virus program, you can right-click on it's icon in the Window's tray and select Snooze or Disable to temporarily turn it off.

If you have eTrust EZ Anti-Virus, you can create an exception for the file "packed.vpk" that resides in the game's sub folder "Assets".
This way you will not need to keep disabling the real-time anti-virus each time you play.

Hope that helps!


Re:game stopped loading...

[Post New]by kaycblu on Feb 9, 09 9:40 PM
that happened to me too now the only thing i did was remove the game and then reloaded it on my computer and after that it worked ever since sometimes slow but it works ha ha

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