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Lv 2 Capture base

[Post New]by Pea511 on Jul 27, 12 6:53 AM

I am struggling with taking the base - I have surrounded it with troops and tried to attack it - nothing. I have tried with engineers but they are just killed - Help!

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Re:Lv 2 Capture base

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jul 27, 12 7:06 AM
I had trouble understanding that too at 1st and got past it during the demo without being exactly sure what the minimum thing to do was.

It does say to take the base with your engineer & I noticed that when I had an engineer very close to the base and clicked on him to see where he can move to - as well as the usual green circles there was a purple circle shown around the nearest corner of the base.

I clicked there, engineer did something and a blue spanner appeared over the base. Expected that to be the end but it wasn't. Somehow I lost the blue spanner from over the base (on the next enemy turn or two I think).

I did succeed in the end but am out of demo and can't replay until I buy to be able to tell you exactly what works but, if I remember correctly.............
.............I bought 2 more engineers, got them to the base and did it again. So maybe I had to do the spanner thing twice or three times in total (not sure) but eventually it did say I had the base and the level ended.

EDIT after buying and replaying the level........

The first time I got the engineer there and clicked on the purple circle on a corner of the base - that did something and the blue spanner appeared over the building. I had already got rid of all the enemies first so there was nothing else for me to do but press play to let the enemies have their turn.

The enemy bought a grunt who shot at my engineer, weakened him but he was still there. Then it was my turn. I used my sniper to get rid of that enemy then selected the engineer again. Again saw the purple circle, clicked on it and that was level over.

So it looks as though you need two instances of one of your engineers working on the barracks to seize it or something like that.

I saved the game just before winning the barracks but after the blue spanner was there and my engineer had been shot at. I'm going to experiment with a few different approaches and will post again about what happens .............

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Re:Lv 2 Capture base

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Jul 27, 12 9:34 AM
OK so I played a few more times and it was quite interesting the different ways it can go:

Sometimes, when your engineer has worked once on the barracks and the blue spanner is there, the new enemy unit on their turn, turns round and fixes the barracks instead of shooting anyone (he does something to the barracks and the blue spanner disappears).

I can only assume that when that happened, it meant the enemy had bought an engineer instead of a grunt.

If the enemy gets rid of the blue spanner it's as if your engineer hadn't started yet so you still need 2 more lots of engineer work to take control.

But the two lots of engineering work don't have to be each side of an enemy turn: I tried buying an extra engineer and sending 2 engineers close to the barracks at the same time. That way I could have 2 lots of engineering work during one of my turns. That was enough to win the level too.

But the best discovery from playing around is......... drum roll please ..........

If your engineer gets close to the back of the barracks near the pump machine which gives out money - and if you set him to work on that instead of the barracks (if he's close enough you'll get a purple circle on it)...... then he only has to do that once for you to take control of the enemy's daily money supply - you get it instead of them! Didn't make much difference in this level because nearly at end but will help in the future I'm sure!

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