[Post New]by Okiefish on Jul 27, 12 8:01 PM
Hi ~ I have a green jewel but so far, can't figure out where to use it. I found the eagle above the piano but can't use the jewel on it. I don't have the "sparkle" to tell me to "play" so am stuck until I can figure out what to do with the jewel. Can anyone help?



[Post New]by Okiefish on Jul 28, 12 7:12 PM
I actually answered my own question. The jewel belongs to the eagle above the bed in the bedroom, which is just off the parlor (go to the left - follow the arrow just below the sign that says "HALL"). Once you put the jewel back into the eagle's eye, he will drop the key that unlocks a coor behind some dresses in the closet. I'm on level 62 or 63 so I must be getting close to the end.

There's also some glass vials with colored fluid in them which sound like opera singers when you tap them. I'm sure this will come in at the end for you to make a song or something like that.

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