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My Majongg Variations: GONE

[Post New]by godschild1955 on Jul 28, 12 10:58 AM
I purchased this Feb 19, 2012. I Absolutely LOVED it , WAS totally addicted! Unfortunately about month or 2 ago it mysteriously Stopped Working . Kept giving me msg from Microsoft saying program stopped working & Windows would notify me if solution is found, so far nothing . So I updated ALL my programs, Firefox, Adobe, Dell, etc.,etc.nothing worked. So i tried to reinstall it. It, once again, downloaded & installed, but now it won't even activate . Much as I Hate to admit it, I may have to just put this away & maybe try purchasing it from another game site . Fingers Crossed!
p.s. BUT, I must say that BFG & their Wonderful reps have continued to keep in touch with me & suggested Many solutions. I think it just may be the game on BFG for me, but it also just may be my comp for this game,IDK. So if/when I buy it on another site I will keep u all informed.
LOVE U BFG (of the hundreds of games I've played/purchased, I have been More than Satisfied!) U GUYS R GREAT!

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Re:My Majongg Variations: GONE

[Post New]by bell2end on Jul 18, 13 9:57 AM
my majongg variations is also gone , help

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