frustratingly hard..?

[Post New]by turbov on Jul 31, 12 1:55 PM
Any walk throughs or tips for this? first two levels were fun so I bought it, but 4th lvl is HARD and keep failing
not having fun at all

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Re:frustratingly hard..?

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Aug 1, 12 12:38 PM

I haven't finished that level yet. First of all, right after buying, I insisted on getting gold for the first 3 and then I stopped to try to finish another game first as I have a bad habit of game hopping and never quite finishing any!

But I did see that, when the game is paused mid-campaign, there is an 'Objectives' button. I clicked on that for this campaign and it said

Pro-hint - You don't need to capture all the Oil Rigs on the map to win. Choose which ones to take and defend them with as few units as possible

My own tip would be to make good use of the save slots - there are 3. When in pause, click 'Save Game' button. It's only there on your turn though. You can pause on the enemy's turn but you don't get that save button.

So you could save when you feel that your strategy has been successful up to that point and maybe not have to repeat so much each time.

I hope some of this helps .

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Re:frustratingly hard..?

[Post New]by gabeaustin on Aug 5, 12 3:18 PM
Perhaps so, but the ten trillion hidden object games are way too easy. Some of us like a challenge! I just completed the standard campaign - but only got gold medals in about half of them, so if I want the trophy I need to go back and get gold in the rest. I'm so glad they built such a multi-layered game. After the standard campaign (with gold, silver, and bronze difficulty levels) there are THREE other multi-level campaigns, plus a 'skirmish' section with half a dozen or more unique game maps.

I think this game is super fun and I hope big fish games acquires more like it.

My advice:

Don't skip past the dialogs and hints in the beginning. They often tell you exactly what you have to do (i.e. send in lots of troops, use your tank, or whatever).

Prioritize getting oil rigs, because once you dominate on resources it's just a matter of time until you win.

JEEPS. Don't underestimate the value of these cheap little vehicles, especially when there's any kind of race for neutral vehicles.

At the beginning, scan the battle map carefully and develop a plan - don't just react to what the computer does (the computer is really hit or miss strategically and should not be emulated).

Send small little mixed teams of units, like a sniper with an engineer and a grunt, or two snipers with three engineers, or a grenadier, bazooka, grunt, and tank. Make sure you have a mixture of units - vehicle vs. infantry, etc.

Cruisers win water levels. Save up for them and protect them well. If you can keep them alive for enough turns, they will make up for their cost quickly (can kill almost anything, including vehicles and snipers, with a single shot).

When time is an issue, look for sneak attacks - especially when ferries are involved you can ofter go around the back door and win your mission with minimal resources and enemy engagement.

Collateral damage - expect it and plan for it. If someone in your unit has to die, try to set up the cheap units - grunts, jeeps, supply vehicles, engineers, to take the hit. Protect your snipers and grenadiers at all costs.

By clicking on enemy troops you can see their walking and shooting range. This can help you avoid sniper fire.

Don't leave your vehicles stranded. On larger battlemaps, take a supply vehicle along. It can be awkward to maneuver a whole convoy like that, but if you don't take the supply vehicle, you'll find yourself watching helplessly as your vehicles get destroyed with no gas or weapons to flee


Re:frustratingly hard..?

[Post New]by gabeaustin on Aug 5, 12 3:22 PM

Finally, I recommend the following strategy for making your own kills:

[These rules are not set in stone - conditions on the ground and mission parameters determine how much you value each condition]

- Kill expensive units first. This is because it costs your opponents more to replace them. For example, kill a sniper over a bazooka, kill a bazooka over a grunt, etc.

- Kill the units that can kill you first. This might mean violating the above rule, but preserving your personnel is sometimes more important.

- Maximize damage. Plan carefully which of your units will attack each of the enemy units. If you make your infantry attack their tank, and then make your bazooka attack their sniper, you'll end up with two casualties when you could have had two kills. This seems obvious, but it can get more and more complex as you have different units on the ground, with different damages and firing ranges.

Post more tips here, or feel free to copy and paste this into a more relevant thread! I just want to defend the game and say, for those who are having trouble - it is a very winnable game, if you keep the above strategic measures in mind you'll make a lot of progress and at least beat every level, even if you don't get gold.

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