Mysterious island. Medallion

[Post New]by Brattttttt7 on Aug 1, 12 3:51 PM
Is anyone having problems with this game. Is keeps freezing and blacking out on my IPad. Brattttttt7

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Re:Mysterious island. Medallion

[Post New]by bfgCimarron on Aug 1, 12 4:32 PM
Hi Brattttttt7,

If the game is freezing or crashing I would try uninstalling and reinstalling the game, this can help clear up many issue. This help article goes over a few steps on how to do this and other things to try when this happens:

iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

However, if you try these and the game is still giving you trouble, then I would definitely get in contact with our Customer Support team and one of our mobile support specialists would be happy to take a closer look with you.

How to get in contact with Customer Support

In the meantime, since this is a question about a game specifically, then I'll go ahead and move this over to our Island: The Lost Medallion Forum.

I hope this helps!


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