Fix Found for Sonya and other games for Windows 7

[Post New]by mpirwin on Aug 2, 12 7:40 AM
Just finished playing Sonya with no glitches and it was wonderful to have my computer work so smoothly again. Here is the simple fix for Windows7 and you can start the game where you left off!

Click on your start button, click on Control Panel, click on System and Security, click on Windows Update. Check your Optional Updates and download :
Update for Windows7 for x64-based systems (kb2709981)

After I tried everything that everyone and tech support suggested in this forum, I went to my updates as a last resort. After downloading this "Optional Update" I played Sonya Collectors Edition. I was stuck at the bridge with the red orb not working and I had only gotten that far by changing the screen resolution back and forth when it stuck completely. After I updated the game ran so smoothly and I could actually see the orb return to Sonya's hands. I hope this works for you all and if you have a different operating system like WinXP, check your updates and good luck everyone!

Happy Gaming

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