Won't let me select the red box!

[Post New]by mystic_fishie on Aug 2, 12 9:16 PM
Am playing on iPad. Am loving this game but have come to a standstill! Finally have the key to open the red box in the garage but it wont let me select it. Contacted big fish, have checked strategy guide, seem to be on track there and can't zoom in on it as per their suggestion either.

I am sure it let me select it and provided me with a close up earlier in the game which is how I knew it needed a key..but it won't now?! Very frustrating! I am trying to move the key around the box but am not hopeful as other puzzles have shown if you don't get the close up scene first you can't interact with the item.

Anyone else had this problem whilst playing on the iPad? And more importantly, did you find a way to get it to work? I have so many things I still need to do in this game and I don't want to stop playing it. ANY SUGGESTIONS, GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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