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Need help BigFish!

[Post New]by cathyok on Aug 3, 12 5:36 AM
Since no one is playing this game any more and not many played it to begin with I am hoping the you at BF check the old forums once in awhile. I realize it would have been better if I had played it when it was offered the first time but back then I was not ready for this type of game. I did buy the guide but it does not cover what to do when you do something stupid. I am on the last chapter and need the dead branch which I have no idea what I did with it. I went back and looked everywhere I had been throughout the game and even check to see if I had sold it. No such luck.Everything else I had sold was there for resale but the dead branch. I even tried to cut a new branch off the big vine that gives you a shortcut. I went back to where the guide said I had picked it up and no luck there. So please BF help!!!

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