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Level 31

[Post New]by Liz_Lemon on Aug 3, 12 7:07 PM
I'm having so much fun with game and I'm not having any trouble figuring out a level, once I figure out the strategy. I have played level 31, which is basically serpentine tubes with the game pieces running in vertical rows between the pipes, at least a dozen times and I can't win.
I know where the power ups are and I know. or think I know. that I just have to hit obstacles and remove them faster than the bots can rebuild them. But I can't even get close, even if I manage to kill the bot ships faster than they can build, they overcome me. I'm very good figuring these types of games out. What am I missing on this level???
Oh and on the first play though my ball turned mini and went under the corner of the rail and bounced around endlessly inside, where there are no breakable obstacles and about one minute of bouncing around the s turns with no result the ball finally game back out to the play side of the board -- so I thought the mini ball was the trick, but I can't replicate getting it back under the railings.
I have to be missing something and it's probably really simple. AAAARGH!
Thanks for any help!

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