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Art Appreciation - Kudos

[Post New]by RaiXan07 on Feb 6, 09 6:22 PM
I just wanted to take a minute to thank the game designers of this great HO! I took an art appreciation class in college and I greatly enjoyed learning what I did, like for example Da Vinci's birthday, I would never have remembered it except I was pregnant with my youngest child when I took the course and my professor asked me when my due date was and I told her April 15th. She smiled and said, "Da Vinci's birthday, maybe he will follow the same path". I had my son April 11th, but now I definitely remember LDV's birthday.
But, the point of my post is, any of you that read this who have kids, play this game with them! I play with my 4 year old daughter and she's really good at the game, but she has asked us to take her to a museum soon so she can see art in person. My 2 year old son likes to look in the gallery at the paintings as well. Not only does it help kids to enjoy art, but I also found beautiful artwork that my art appreciation course didn't cover, the professor mainly covered Da Vinci and Michaelangelo, they were her favorites and two of the most well known artists.
Great job on this game and thank you, , for having this game. It was a fun way to bond with my kids over something as beautiful as art and see them enjoying it as well.

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Re:Art Appreciation - Kudos

[Post New]by lovemybook on Jul 5, 09 12:54 AM
Have to add my two cents. This is a beautiful game. It's really nice to have a hidden object, that, when you are finished finding everything, you have a beautiful painting to look at. Not only that, but I'm not familar with a lot of these so it's like really finding treasure.

The pictures start off cluttered but as you advance you start to appreciate the gift of composition the artists had. It is a great game to teach composition - how the position of each object adds or takes from a picture. Many of the hidden objects look like they "belong" - when you take the cup from the woman's hand or such you realize the picture is much better without it.

One small gripe - the English is so twisted! Why can't they hire someone to write a coherent story? But I'm not playing it for the story anyway.

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