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[Post New]by Cjb58 on Aug 7, 12 3:50 PM
When I built a house and I put grocery and office where it satisfies the occupants. The next house you build next to it doesn't satisfy tose occupants and so on. I end up with multiple groceries and offices. How do you get around this? Any help would be appreciated.

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[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Aug 7, 12 4:06 PM
I am just off to bed as it is past midnight here.

I will replay tomorrow if I need to but try building a market and large office instead.

Often it pays to build then sell before building for keeps and remember you can delete trees, signs and roads etc if desperate for space.


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[Post New]by portugal5656 on Aug 8, 12 6:01 PM
hold your curser on the building you are building i.e. shopping mall. offices etc it will tell you how many people it will serve (50, 80 100 or whatever) upgrades increase the number of people it can serve. Bigger building require bigger offices, shops etc. if you get really stuck check ouy the walkthrough on Big Fish Blog. hope this helps

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