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level 26

[Post New]by cocky2 on Aug 8, 12 9:54 AM
I have 2 small boxes to the left of the main play area.
One wooden square in each box is flashing.I know I have to break these 2 boxes.
Have been playing this level since yesterday,I have had 6 of the nuclear bombs in
a row many times but cannot those 2 boxes to turn blue.
Some help would be appreciated.


Re:level 26

[Post New]by crankmeter on Sep 17, 12 12:46 PM
I am stuck on level 26 also. can u help me with solving this level. I dont understand how to do it. Thanks!


Re:level 26

[Post New]by SuesBlgFish2 on Nov 3, 12 5:36 AM
same here ... can anyone please let us know the answer ??????
cheers from australia

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