Level 5-7

[Post New]by GeorgeXXIII on Aug 8, 12 11:29 AM
Has anyone ever done this within the Ace Time of 1 minute?
Best I've ever done is 1 03 after literally hundreds of attempts. (Along the way, I don't play the level on it's own just to practice it or anything. That would be obsessive! Maybe I should.)
Every other Ace Time i've beaten by a lot loads of times.
I'll have to start playing it differently I suppose. I often lose a life here as well.
Getting sick of playing as Nathaniel as well. Need to break 3.7million to get into my top ten and move onto another name beginning with O, but been stuck on this N name for months now.

Thank you very much.

Are friends electric?


Re:Level 5-7

[Post New]by GeorgeXXIII on May 7, 13 5:36 AM
At long last I've done it! After years of playing this game I have beaten the Ace time on level 5-7. I didn't just beat it I smashed it. 49 seconds.
The tip is to start from the left and hold onto your hat!

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