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Attention Newbies

[Post New]by cleep100 on Aug 8, 12 9:47 PM
This game doesn't do a very good job explaining what the various services and buildings provide.

If you use the "Help" feature, you can pick up some tips that the tutorial doesn't cover.

But to boil it down, here are the things that have helped me a lot...

At the beginning of each level, build the most expensive house you can, upgrade it a couple of times and then sell it, to get a large chunk of cash to work with.

Build a Workshop as soon as you can. This will allow you to buy new workers at a discounted price. Once the Workshop is complete, buy 2-3 new workers right away, and then periodically buy a few more.

Next, build a Stone Mason. Once completed, the Stone Mason lets you add stone walls to your properties, increasing their value and rental income.

Start building and upgrading your properties, and watch for sales on "run down" houses, which can be quickly restored and start bringing in rental income.

Also right about now, build a Blacksmith. Once completed, you can purchase Materials at a discount. (Why it's a Blacksmith instead of a Lumberyard? Who knows.)

If you can afford it, also build a Quarry. I'm not sure of the exact effect, but it helps, somehow.

Buy up as many Vacant Lots as you can. They are cheap and then you can build an expensive house there and sell it for a nice profit.

If Happiness points are part of the challenge, you can demolish any buildings or services with negative point values right near the end, after you've completed all of your construction. But make sure the building isn't required to meet the challenge parameters.

Also, this is obvious, but building Amusements will boost your Happiness score, as will upgrading your houses as many times as possible..

If you are required to build Farms, wait until about halfway through to build them, because you don't earn any rental income on Farms, nor can you sell them. Note: if the challenge requires heavily upgraded Farms, you may want to start earlier, as the upgrading process can be time-consuming.

If you have enough space, time, and materials, you might want to build a Well, as this will prevent costly purchases of emergency water when the drought strikes, and it will.

Pretty sure that building an Apothecary will help your workers avoid illness, but in most challenges, there isn't enough time to build one, anyway.

Okay, that's my two cents. Hope it helps.

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Re:Attention Newbies

[Post New]by cleep100 on Aug 9, 12 4:44 PM
Correction. It's the Quarry that provides materials at a discount. The Blacksmith allows your workers to move faster.

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