Level 6 Spoiler

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Aug 9, 12 2:52 AM
This one was a nightmare

Immediately send Camel for 5 feathers
I started by planting 5 Sugar Cane and 2 papyrus
then 2 more papyrus
make the paper and then the books

as soon as 1st book is completed
sell 1 book and 5 sugar cane and buy 5 more feathers

then only plant exactly the number of papyrus needed to complete tasks and sell items to make 1000

your camel should be arriving back while last papyrus is in paper machine

Time 2:38 gold

Even after figuring out the strategy it took me 8 more tries to get this timing done right
also I had the well, camel and storage fully upgraded by now with all the restarts


Re:Level 6 Spoiler

[Post New]by StitchingCrazy on Aug 11, 12 5:29 PM
This level really had me stumped, and no matter how hard I tried, I just could not get gold... until I deleted my profile and started again.

For the previous levels, I'd only purchased the upgrades that I'd been instructed to buy, but prior to Level 6, I purchased the upgrade for the camel and well.

I planted 10 papyrus, and as soon as I had a quanity of 5 papers, I sold them and at the same time bought 5 feathers.

When the camel returned, I started making the books, sold 2 and bought 5 feathers, and then planted the remaining papyrus.

After printing the 13th paper, I kept 2 papyrus back and sold everything else.

I achieved gold with a time of 2:44

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Re:Level 6 Spoiler

[Post New]by Daisy_May on Aug 19, 12 5:31 AM
I took a lot of goes to get gold on this one too.

Even when I had (as it turns out) a strategy that would work, I had to be really on top of keeping the paper machine going as soon as it stopped.

When it finally worked for me I had sent the camel for just 1 feather at first (previously had been at least 2) and was generally planting 3 papyrus and 4 sugar cane.

Eventually got it in 2:39 (phew!).

(StitchingCrazy - did you mean to say gold with 2:44 or did you mean a different time? My timer switched from a silver to gold at 2:40 on this one).

I started being careful not to buy too many feathers up front once I noticed that if I had, say, 100 coins already, was selling something worth 200 and buying 3 feathers (120 for 3) that, although the game wouldn't credit the 200 until the camel got back, it did debit the 120 for the feathers right away - leaving me with a negative amount of money until the camel came back, so unable to plant anything else in the meantime.

So, when deciding how many feather to buy, I took into account my money in hand (displayed bottom left of screen) rather than how much I had showing in the store as available to spend (which is the sum of the money in hand and the income from the pending sale).

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