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do you need help with the achevements ? because i can all you need to know guide

[Post New]by babeg on Aug 9, 12 10:45 AM
ok well if you cannot figure out something then its proberbly writen in here so here goes.

progress/awards: (top left to top right middle left to middle right and so on)

FOOD STORE.(to create a food store drag a woobly/gorilla wth a stick to the patch of dirt next to the big tree)
WATER STORAGE.(drag a woobly/gorilla with a stick to the dirt patch near the river and stick pile)
TOMAHAWK.(to make a tomahawk drag a lion/woobly/gorilla to the stick pile then to the rock pile next to it.)
HOSPITAL.(to create a hospital drag a woobly/gorilla with a stick to the dirt patch at the bottom right of the screen.)
SHOVEL.(drag a elephant/zebra/giraffe with a stick to the rock pile next to the stick plie.) make a well you need to wait untill the river has dried up then find a muddy patch then darg a elephant with a shovel onto it and he will dig a well.there are three wells.)
FRETILIZER.(when the elephants dig the well they deposit muck into the lake drag a giraffe onto it then place him on a unhealthy looking tree.not the two huge ones.)
CURE FOR EBLIO.(once you have a hospita drag a zebra to the smallberrys then to the yaya flowers located by the food trees hidden by a strange plant.he will the walk back to the hospital and make the cure.)
to complete the next four taske you must colect all four maps they will reveal four giant blueprints witch makes a boat.
IDOLS.(finish building the idols by draging gorillas to them.)
IRRIGATION.(build a verry deep well by the two giant food trees with a guru elephant then use a guru giraffe with a shovel to dig at the bases of the trees.)
HAMMER.(drag a woobly/gorilla to the stick pile then to the stone pile by the big tree.)
METAL.(use a gorilla with a hammer to breack the crack in the moutain by the stone pile.)
NAILS.(drag a gorilla with a hammer onto the metal pile.)
SHIP.(when youve finished building the parts ude four gorillas to drag each one to the centre of the screen,then use nails to join it together.)

hope you found this helpfull
yours truly Abbie

ps i will be happy to anser any questions.

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