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Stuck at the Old Bridge

[Post New]by Scottsteaux63 on Aug 10, 12 12:46 PM
Okay I was going along nicely and rather enjoying the game; it is a bit simple but sometimes that is just what is needed for relaxation. But now I have hit a brick wall.

Or rather, a wooden bridge. I have gathered all the item pieces except for one of the lilies and the business end of the screwdriver. There is also something embedded in the ground to the immediate right of the bridge entrance but I don't know if it is part of what is missing or something I need to find another piece for farther on.

The problem is I am totally stuck. I can't go anywhere; I have accomplished apparently all there is to accomplish and I have tried the Hint button in every scene I've played so far going right back to the beginning and I keep getting the same message: Go search somewhere else.


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