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Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by mary102696 on Mar 30, 12 11:00 AM
What I don't understand is that the developer released a fix to this game 3/13. I've been waiting for you guys to get it so I could buy this game from you. Since you removed it, I went over to their website and tried the demo now and it works PERFECTLY. I just don't get what the hold up is. I try to only buy from you guys. I love this game and want it now LOL grrrr


Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by ching888 on Apr 2, 12 12:10 AM
when pplaying the bakery portion, i got stuck up on level 10 and had to restart my computer but still the same thing keeps on happening. i don't know if they will gonna fix this or not. it's so annoying.

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Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by Csustar on Apr 7, 12 10:07 AM
After I have sent info to tech support, also contacted the developer, who said it would take time to fix the glitches, I went in to play again just to see if maybe something had been done.
Now, in the first shop, between the clown and dark haired girl just standing there no matter how many times you click on them. This was not happening my first time around, it was only a problem in the butcher shop and I did not go any farther than that, even though some said you could bypass it.
So I am thinking there has to be something with the guy that fills the shelves, cause it seems only when I have upgraded with him that the problem happens. I just know I wish they would fix this game, really want to play it.
I have gone back and played MANY of my TM games over just waiting for a fix for this baby. It is so hard to get TM games anymore for some reason. It is fewer and fewer all the time.

Sea Anemone
Sea Anemone
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Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by mlsed on Apr 19, 12 11:31 PM
deneencle wrote:
PB2010 wrote:Level 20, Butchers - I think there is a glitch. Two older men come and one gets a question mark and at that point he stalls. The game continues with the other characters but he remains in place. I've tried about ten times to get passed it but no joy.

Anyone else having this problem?

I am having the same issue exactly. Tried 4 times and he stalls each time. The level wont end. No way to go on.
I have this same problem!

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Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by blackbirdess on Apr 20, 12 10:12 AM
Everyone does unfortunately. On 13 April I asked if there are any updates on the fix but have so far been ignored which I'm finding quite upsetting considering how patient I'm being waiting.

Is this likely to be fixed or not please Bigfish?


Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by FlintyMoon on May 9, 12 7:25 PM
Ok, the update worked great, I got to the Delicatessen and I got the access error violation. Is there a fix for this?

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Flickering screen

[Post New]by Fiat_Lux on Jul 6, 12 6:53 AM
spinner13 wrote:I can't play this game because my screen keeps flickering, which is so annoying. This only happens with this particular game, every other game is perfect, and there is nothing wrong with my monitor. This flickering only happens when I play 'Spooky Mall'. I have deleted the game and reinstalled it, but the same things happens again.

I got the exact same issue - "Flickering screen".....
I deleted the first download and re-installed the "New" trial prior to posting this answer just to be sure that the issue had not been fixed....

I personally uses Windows XP Pro SP3 , IE 8 , AVG Antivirus Free Ed. 2012 , ZoneAlarm (FIREWALL ONLY), Sun Oracle Java , Adobe Flash & Shockwave , Nvidia 9800 GT graphics .
Plugins from AVG and Zone Alarm turned off in in IE + Video drivers and stuff updated.....

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Just bought this game and it freezes at level one Bakery Store

[Post New]by mikenamy on Aug 20, 12 4:05 PM
I am so upset, the game was working fine, but as another poster siad, they locked up on level 1 of the Bakery when Cleopatra leaves. The game was working fine up until this point. It is August, so I thought the updates and bugs were all taken care of. Anyone have any help here for me? I really like this game and am frustrated it freezes...any help would be appreciated.


Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by sarah47456 on Sep 16, 12 9:47 AM
i purchased this game as well and the whole game freezes up on me on the bakery shop, its aggravating bc i signed up to this game place and if i dont have money they will make my account negative but i pay good money to buy a crap game and we dont get our money returned or a free game? not very professional not to mention i have bought several other games with the same problems


Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by jwpappalar on Oct 13, 12 2:06 AM
Just bought this, and am noticing a couple of things. First, in a couple of the shops, the game will randomly freeze mid-level, then kick me, with an access error violation. So far, if I restart, the problem seems to correct itself and let me finish the level, but it has been sort of annoying. Second, on level 15 of the deli, I have now finished this multiple times, with an "excellent" gold score, however, the banner then pops up silver, displaying "good," even while showing my higher score. Frustrating.


Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by pw5016 on Nov 15, 12 3:46 PM
Just bought the game. when i started having the freezing game and frozen characters problem i checked the forum - and there are all the complaints. there's a note here saying the game has been taken off the site until the problems are resolved, dated in may. This is november, i bought the game, and the problems are not resolved. Hmm.

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Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by violet922 on Nov 20, 12 7:50 PM
I purchased this game October 27, 2012.

I love playing it, but am finding "freezing" issues like so many others have. I was able to 'work around' a few; but I am on my last store (the Deli) and on levels 9 and 10, I am consistently kicked or frozen out of the game. On Level 9 I had to unplug my computer because there was no way to get back to my desktop.

I only have 10 or so levels to go before I complete the game, and it looks like I will be aggravated and blocked from finishing.

Something should be done 'customer-wise' about this. And No; I don't feel like going thru the diagnostic software. Been there, done that a few times before with Big Fish. Didn't solve a doggone thing!

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Re:Post any Spooky Mall technical issues here only

[Post New]by mesalady44 on May 14, 13 5:52 PM
cleopatra locks up whenever she goes out the door -- you have to let her get mad so she wont answer any questions -- happens in both the bakery and the delicatessan -- if you have the cashier you dont have the option of letting her get angry and the computer locks up completely -- also you can hear the footsteps if you are moving your cart as she goes out the door. Cleo is a bummer -- this is with the fixed version put out may 8th

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