Is Level 31 even possible?

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Aug 11, 12 1:34 AM
Best time I've gotten is 7:45 silver and that was by NOT upgrading the feathers but that way by the time your finished with the 30 books your just finishing gold time

if I upgrade feathers you run out of money and have to do extra books to get enough for the upgrade and again gold time is over

Any ideas anyone?


Re:Is Level 31 even possible?

[Post New]by StealthBunny on Aug 14, 12 12:12 PM
I haven't even been able to get that high. Best I've gotten is 9:38, with one ostrich. I've gotten gold on all levels up to this one, and I can't get enough coins to buy the upgrades to proceed. This game is hard. I thought maybe I was missing something so came to the forums, but I see I'm just as stuck as everyone else

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Re:Is Level 31 even possible?

[Post New]by Demenshia on Aug 16, 12 6:59 AM
The best I've been able to get is 7:29 and that is by luck not having either alligator land on my ostrich when they popped up. All but this one time they seem to spawn on top of the ostrich which makes you have to wait to get started on feathers.

I've tried upgrading feathers and not upgrading them and just can't seem to make it to gold either. I think 6:10 is when it goes from gold to silver, have no clue how I'll ever make it under that time lol.

If anyone figures it out lemme know

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