Fairway solitaire game gone...

[Post New]by Laineyyada on Aug 11, 12 7:23 PM
I played just hours ago (on my iPad) and when I just went to play again, all my latest game and stats are gone. Normally I'd just start a new game - not that it's okay that this happened- but I had played all the daily games and that's what I hate to lose.

How can I get this info back? And what happened, and how can it be prevented??

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Re:Fairway solitaire game gone...

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Aug 12, 12 11:00 AM
Hi Laineyyada,

I'm so sorry to hear you're having trouble with Fairway C.E. and your daily games!

It's definitely best for you to get in touch with our Mobile Support team so they can start working with you directly to get everything resolved and make sure this sort of thing doesn't happen again.

You can get in touch with them by clicking right here to submit a support ticket and they'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We also do have a specific Fairway Collector's Edition Forum and tech issues thread where we'd like to keep track of any problems that come up with this game. This helps us see any recurring issues and get info about updates out to you more quickly. I'm going to go ahead and lock this thread and move it over to that other Forum now. But you're welcome to post in that other thread here if you'd like.


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