What is a game with no mistakes

[Post New]by trvl2mtns on Aug 11, 12 7:53 PM
I've been trying to to get the daily trophy. Goal is to Finish with a score of -5 or less (perfect game). I have tried multiple times to get the trophy, even doing a "perfect game", meaning that I used my irons to get a perfect score on each hole (-12).

Since I didn't earn the trophy, I thought maybe I could not use either mulligans or irons to win. However, I think that I've used neither and I'm still not getting the trophy. For the daily tropies, do you have to earn on the first play.

Also, what are the tropies good for. It doesn't seem to give you more golf bucks.


Re:What is a game with no mistakes

[Post New]by ckid525 on Aug 12, 12 6:19 PM
I know the trophies are used to unlock bonus games. But I also played using no mulligans or irons, got prefect score on all 3 holes & still no trophy. Can't figure out what no mistake means?


Re:What is a game with no mistakes

[Post New]by eldorin on Aug 15, 12 8:27 AM
It has been real hit and miss for me as well. Just played a game, was real careful to not touch anything wrong, no mulligans, no clubs, scored -8 and didn't win it. Really need a definition on what "no mistakes" means and possibly even an indicator in the game that shows when you make a mistake for two good reasons:
1) you can then learn what a mistake is
2) when replaying a course over and over to get the trophy, you don't have to play the whole thing just because you made a "mistake" all the way at the beginning of the first hole and didn't realize it........

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Re:What is a game with no mistakes

[Post New]by Cyappert on Aug 25, 12 2:49 PM
A mistake is anything that makes a cad shak .. Either a miss click or a missed opportunity to select a card. I also think it includes mulligans.

Just go slow and be careful.


Re:What is a game with no mistakes

[Post New]by Havanesemom on Nov 25, 12 10:52 PM
I play and there are no card shakes. No mulligans are used and yet still no trophy. What is a MISTAKE?

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Re:What is a game with no mistakes

[Post New]by bfgSeine on Nov 27, 12 1:36 PM
Hi Havanesemom,

Finishing a course with no mistakes means that the following must be done:

- Do not miss a playable card on the board, including club cards or sand trap cards. This will cause all the cards on the screen to shake.

- Do not tap a card that isn't actually playable. Ex. Draw pile shows a 3 and you tap on a 10 accidentally

Also, using a mulligan will correct a mistake, but will not count toward a perfect game. So, if you use a mulligan, it is not possible to finish with no mistakes.

I hope that helps clear that up!


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