building the bridge

[Post New]by goatsrgreat on Aug 12, 12 6:18 PM
I was able to find the very beginning of the bridge, but not able to pick up anything to help build it to go across the water. The hint button keeps directing me back to the point of raising the bridge puzzle. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
I love this game, as it is so different from anything else that I have ever seen. I am a diehard HO fan, and don't usually like the puzzle parts of a game. I also can't stand the games that make you go from scene to scene. I am amazed that I am really enjoying this one, as it has a touch of everything. I am also geting tired of the spooky games that have such dark themes. The colors are very clear, and the hand prompting each object are a big plus, especially if one isn't in the mood to really think too hard about the objective at task.
Any help with the bridge scene would be very appreciated.
Happy gaming! Cindy

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Re:building the bridge

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 14, 12 6:07 AM
Hi goatsrgreat,

Have you tried looking at the Tulula: Legend of a Volcano Walkthrough to see if that can't provide some guidance?

I played this game some time ago I'm afraid and so I can't quite remember the sequence of events but if you check the Walkthrough and ensure that you are not missing any steps, that should get you moving again!

Happy gaming!


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