What do I do Next?

[Post New]by CashMcCall on Aug 13, 12 12:18 PM
I have all of there recipes.have 3 of my creations left to make.I have 39 million bucks..But I get no new quests,and I only can fly around filling randon orders...What can I do to get more quests?? I cant get the hondurs cacao because theres no new towns.


Re:What do I do Next?

[Post New]by swisscheese1 on Aug 14, 12 9:24 AM
you won't get the Honduran cocoa until after Sean gets rescued. And that doesn't happen until you have all but one recipe made. If you have three creations to make, you'll have to make them because that will trigger another quest. It sounds to me like you need to visit Evangeline in San Francisco again. Try that, and try visiting the man in the Toronto suites (the coffee blends guy) and Whitney at the New Zealand factory.

Have you gone to the Falkland Islands yet? (that one is triggered by fulfilling an earlier quest, it may be the next one for you)

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