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General Tips for Whispers

[Post New]by peach23 on Aug 13, 12 6:24 PM
The game won't give you any hints, except in the actual HOS. It's one of the least helpful games I've seen. I only downloaded the demo, so it took me a while to figure out what to do. But here's a few general hints for everyone else.

Conversations - you MUST hit the right arrow that appears at the bottom of the conversation box to continue or exit a conversation.

Exiting inset screens - you MUST select the X in the top right corner to exit any "inset" screens. Simply clicking outside the area will not work.

Finding a Hidden Object Scene (HOS) - Unlike other games, this one does NOT have any sparkles or other devices to draw your attention to an HOS site. Move the mouse around the scene where you are until you see a blue-lighted area. Click on it to open the HOS scene or inset screen.

Inside an HOS screen - You'll need to use very precise clicking. Random clicking in the general area of an item will NOT work for this game. Also, the Hint button recharges very slowly.

Movement - clicking on the down arrow at the right bottom corner of your screen will take you back to the "Options" screen when there is more than one place that you can be. Your choices are arrayed in a roughly clock-like pattern. If there are more locations than you can see, there will also be an "up & down" arrow set on the right. You can revisit an area until it says it's completed.

Using an object - If you have to open an inset screen first, do so, or you won't be able to use an object. For example, to open the crypt, first click on the lock, then DRAG the key from your inventory to the lock. It will automatically do what it's supposed to do.

BLUE-LIT screens - these are supposed to be "psychic" scenes, and everything is covered with blue light. It makes it more difficult to see what you're collecting, so check carefully.

Prologue - You're in a cemetary in Louisiana. Check the lock on the crypt, it needs a key. Look at the coffin to your left for an HOS scene, which gives you the key. Professor Dunstan tells you to go first, and your soul is stolen. You wake up in a shack in the swamp.

Look around the room. You'll have to collect a lot of playing cards before you can do anything else.

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