how do I rid of stuck guests

[Post New]by lhinkelmann on Aug 13, 12 7:33 PM
does anyone have the sizes for the rooms to make them from normal to deluxe etc... I used to have them but lost the list of sizes thank ou

never mindi found my answer but now i have a problem with guests getting stuck in doorways...1 wants to come out n 1 is standing there...they have been doing this for 3 games days now and are not supposed to be guests any longer...

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Re:how do I rid of stuck guests

[Post New]by GizzyOne on Aug 3, 14 7:38 AM
Close the hotel and re-open is the onloy way I have found. I occasionally had one who was pacing up and down and wouldn't move.

Oh, another way is do move or delete some item of furniture, which will give them more possible paths

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