Level 37... Any ideas?

[Post New]by StitchingCrazy on Aug 14, 12 1:08 PM
Calling all experts... Clearly there is some kind of strategy to this level, but I haven't a clue what it is. I'm finding it to be such a tedious, Impossible level.

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Re:Level 37... Any ideas?

[Post New]by SharonGia on Aug 20, 12 10:03 AM
It is very tedious to say the least.

I passed the level but it took me 37:54 minutes. So no gold, silver or even bronze for me on this level.

I started by planting both corn and sugar cane, and making as much flour and feathers as possible to get to the 1000 needed to convert the mill to the paper factory to make paper.

Then I concentrated on making books. There will not be enough room in storage to make all books and encyclopedias, so I think I had to sell enough books to convert to library, and then make about 6 encyclopedia, then I had to convert back to book factory and make enough books and then convert back to library and make the rest. This takes a good portion of the time.

Remember, it takes 2 books plus 1 binder to make an encyclopedia so that is alot of books to be made plus you need extra ones to sell as you go along to have enough money to convert back and forth.

When I was almost done making the encyclopedias I had money to convert to make sugar, and I had to re-convert the mill to start making flour again. So at this point was working on both.

Finally the encyclopedias were done and I was able to concentrate on making the cakes. As soon as I had 20 cakes, I converted to the bakery to make the honey cakes and finished those.

Very long, very tedious. And the only reason I wasted almost 38 minutes of my life on this level is to just pass it so I can move on. I hope the next levels are at least able to have a chance to make gold or silver because when they are as impossible as level 37 it takes the fun out of it.


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