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Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 15, 12 12:36 AM
Hi Fishies!

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 15, 12 12:36 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Aug 15, 12 5:48 AM
Here is my review based on the first 10 levels.

I completed 5 as my demo ran out so I have probably been playing it for a couple of hours on and off.

I have no idea if this game is made by the same people as Farm Frenzy just under a different arm, or not as the "Publisher is different, but this game is an improved clone of the former.

Apart from playing along the same premise as the FF games, this game wins the Cutesy stakes hands down. In fact the story line is almost nausiatingly sweet, but then there are the little people and they are just sooooo cute.

The publishers site said there were 100 levels, but i have only counted 92 on the game so far, but either way a great length.

The graphics are amazing and although turned down low, but not off, I can't comment on the music or sounds, so they could not have been at all annoying.

There is a bit of fast clicking on the predators, two different kinds so far, a fox who eats your stock and a goat who eats your animals food.

Selling is a little bit different too. In this game, you put your goods up for sale, the van comes to collect them but you get paid as soon as he takes them. It feels a lot quicker than FF and having to wait for the cart to return.

The buildings are quite good. sometimes you are provided with buildings other times just spaces other times nothing. You can buy spaces for your buildings in the form of a cloud. Not only can you update a building but you can also sell it, then build a different kind of building. As I said, the buildings come on clouds and you can move the clouds around the screen to where you want.

Another nice addition is the bank, which although not that fast, will turn 5o credits into 150

The animals so far have been a goose a sheep and there is a silhouette for a cow.

Now here is the cutest thing ever. When you buy your animal, they come as babies. You have to pet them and give them love and then they will grow up. The goose will then start to lay eggs, and eat the grass you plant by watering with water from the refillable well. However, if you then buy some food for the trough on top of that, the bird will mature even more and start dropping feathers that can be made into pillows etc

I have just noticed that a guard has just appeared to help with ridding the pests.

It is a time management game, but I don't think there is any penalty for not getting gold or silver, so you can play at your own pace.

So far this is a brilliant little game and if you like TM esp

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by jojo_the_joyful on Aug 15, 12 5:50 AM
If you like the FF series you will adore this wonderful game.

I highly recommend a download and try at the very least I am sure it will be 1 hour you will not regret.

I'll post back again later if there is any more to add.


Edit this is made by the same devs as FF. My google isn't working too well

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by Nortank on Aug 15, 12 6:31 PM
You know what sucks with this game? I get into this "I-love-so-cute-trance" and forget about the goals just because it is so nice to play! (Just sounds, no music - I never do music.)

Very worth the buy. This is FarmFrenzy 3.0 - or maybe 5.0. I love how the water/grass is available straight away. A lot easier not to forget to feed.

I also like how you can go back and redo levels to get enough stars to buy upgrades. Not sure if I like the upgrade system itself - was easier when there was a separate screen where you saw what you could buy and what you had bought.

Still - such an addictive game! If you were hooked on Farm Frenzy, you will adore this game!

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by MsHamster on Aug 15, 12 11:22 PM
This game definitely wins points for cuteness.

- Cute animals.
- I like having them show up as babies that need to grow up before they stop producing. Interesting what products are used to make new products (mayo into hotdogs?).
- Enjoyed the graphics - machines, animals, people, background.
- Liked that the truck came to fetch the products and you got paid immediately. The wait for when you could put out the next load was much less than on FF or other games where you have to wait for the truck/cart to go to market and come back.

- Couldn't refill the well until the farmer dude finished his watering tasks.
- No way to get back to the upgrade screen that you get at the start of a new level (even going back to the map and starting over on the level). I think on level 3 I dismissed it with the corner X instead of Open and then couldn't build the hotdog machine, and couldn't figure out a way to get back to buy it. I had to create a new player and start again.
- Would much prefer the machines to pop their products out for picking up as soon as they are ready rather than having to watch for the little picture to change, then clicking on the machine once to get it to pop out its products, then click on it again to reload, and then pick up the products. Felt like an unnecessary extra step that I found annoying.

Not sure if this is a buy for me, but would have liked a little more time in the demo to decide.

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by lisablue4369 on Aug 16, 12 4:19 AM
this game is very cute and the animals are even cuter. we will not be buying this game as for it is not really fun to us.-------doug & lisa

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by lym_1609 on Aug 16, 12 8:23 AM
Ok cute animals, good graphics, quite difficult to get gold, esp the level whereby u had to earn a certain amt of gold. Its impossible and I had played like 4x same level!

I really still dont get it. You bought an upgrade using stars, an mayonnaise machine that produces 2 jars, but when u played the game, within the game itself, the machine produces 1 jar, then u had to again use $100 to upgrade to 2 jars. So first u earn stars to enable u to buy upgrade of an equipment, then u again use $ to upgrade it? Whats with this sort of logic? Dont upgrade becomes permanent?

The premise of game play is much like farm frenzy, whereby de ja vu, u had to first pay for an upgrade, eg a bigger well, then within the game itself, u need to earn enough $ to actually AGAIN upgrade that equipment!!!

I love TMG dont be mistaken, after all I bought Kingdom Chronicles, Collector's Edition. But TMG that works on this sort of upgrade and upgrade basis just irate me big time! Why cant upgrade be permanent, much like Farm Mania, Ranch Rush, even strategy game like Kingdom Chronicles, My Princess? Once u upgrade a sawmill, u upgraded IT! And THAT's it! No such illogical thing as earning stars to buy upgrades, then earning $ to buy upgrade within the game itself. That's just silly

Do u in real life earn stars to buy farm upgrades, then when the equipment arrived with that upgrade, u again spend $ to buy the actual upgrade? Eg maybe u bought a harvester tha can cut through 4 rows of corns. Then u decide to trade in your harvester to get a bigger harvester that can cut through 6 rows of corns. But when the harvester arrived it only cuts 4 rows, no difference. Somehow, again u had to earn enough to again buy that upgrade (maybe ask the manufacturer whatever to add a bigger blade whatever) Makes any sense to u?

Sorry guys, I hate this game!!! Un-install after just 20mins

Rating: 2/5
(illogical game play and annoying and frustrating way of design for upgrades)

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by GloomySunday on Aug 16, 12 11:38 AM
Basically, as has been written before, this is Farm Frenzy, just with more modern graphics and in a cute version. I used to love Farm Frenzy, but they annoyed me too much with their frequent "exactly the same game as Farm Frenzy, but has a slightly different name"-stunts. Anyway, I don't know it this game has the same developer, but if it's not the same developer, they sure copied a lot, even down to some lines used in the tutorial.

There are two things I quite liked about this game and that was
1. the graphics. Very nicely done, great details, quite advanced
2. the option to pet the animals to make them grow and produce faster

The rest I didn't particularly like.
There is (at least I haven't seen it) no option to shut off the tutorial. Annoying. During the second or third level, one is forced to sell a machine to buy a new machine, even though I would have preferred to do it differently (restarting a level gets rid of the tutorial). The tutorial itself isn't very good. I had to check the forums here to find out how to buy a second machine and while it tells stuff like "These are geese. They lay eggs", it didn't tell what the bank does (okay, not too difficult to find out, but neither is finding out that the geese lay eggs...).
When you want to sell something, you have to wait for the truck to drive up from town. I thought that was irritating. Not only did it take longer, but I was always waiting for the truck to show up to sell products before I realize the truck is not there until I want to sell something.
The fox and goat that show up and have to be caught are too fast, especially the goat.

I don't care for cutesy stuff and so the storyline and cloud thing weren't for me, but that's a matter of personal taste.

However, the worst thing is the click-fest one has to go through to produce something. Click on machine to tell it to produce something. When it's done, click on machine so that product falls into the grass. Click on product to put product in storage. Click on machine again to tell it to produce something. I could deal with the other stuff I didn't like but that just spoiled the whole game for me. If you have to make a clone, at least don't put in stuff that makes it worse . One of the few games where I didn't even care to finish the tutorial.

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Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by mary102696 on Aug 16, 12 3:13 PM
I have every single Farm Frenzy game and knock off that has ever been made. I wanted to like this game but for the life of me I can not figure out how to do anything. Level 1-3 I had to check the forum to see how to get a grill. Then level 1-4 you need 6 mayonaise. So I bought a cloud thinking I could make a mayonnaise machine. Nope. why be frustrated. No buy for me.


Re:Reviews for Snow Globe: Farm World

[Post New]by Ruach888 on Aug 21, 12 10:21 PM
I bought almost every Farm Frenzy Games and I just love all of them but this one for me is the best.

I just like how the twist was made and I am looking forward to another game series.

It is a definite BUY for me who is a lover of Farm Frenzy game series.

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