[Post New]by nane_r on Aug 15, 12 9:37 AM
I cannot get the lantern to fill with gas and become a lit. Lantern.
What am I doing wrong. I have started over several times and went in order of events.

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[Post New]by bfgSeine on Aug 15, 12 12:04 PM
Hi nane_r,

According to the walkthrough for the game, the oilcan is actually used on the gas valve at the bottom of the stairs, rather than on the lantern itself. Once the gas valve has the oilcan applied to it, you can use the lantern on the gas valve and it should be added to your inventory as a lit lantern. You can check out more detailed steps with pictures of that scene here on the walkthrough:

Mystic Diary: Haunted Island Walkthrough

I hope that helps so you can get past that scene!




[Post New]by nane_r on Aug 17, 12 9:04 PM
I have done everything to lite the lantern and it will not lite. What is the deal? I cannot get passed the lantern . I am frustrated and do not know,what to do.



[Post New]by ayk10048 on Sep 23, 12 12:51 PM
I thought I was the only one who had the problem! For some reason the tap is not rusted which is why the oil can can't be used.

I just deleted the game then reinstalled it & it works now! Don't worry, they have a "purchase already" button so no need to buy it again. They'll just ask for your App Store password. Have fun~

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