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Level 62

[Post New]by paco12348 on Aug 15, 12 12:06 PM
I'm sick of games that aren't fair. This game gives you the vine and the wind tunnel plus other things to move through and complete the levels. You have work at it and play a level several times but it's possible to complete the level. THEN, they give you a level with nothing to help you move through. I think there might be 2 wind tunnels and this is a big level to travel. I don't recall the "experts" speaking to this when I read their reviews. This is the second game I've purchased where the game makers seem to think it's "cute" to throw in an impossible level. I don't think it's funny and I'm noting the gamemaker so I'll never purchase one again. I'll also not read the "experts" reviews. I've played this level at least 50 times and now I'm through and it will go to the uninstall and reject bin.


Re:Level 62

[Post New]by virtualvitman on Aug 18, 12 9:52 AM
yes i agree..They do think its cute..I have uninstalled this game 2 times now and reinstalled because just as i almost finished this level .....!!!!it i will note the makers of this now redundent unwinable game

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