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Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 16, 12 12:36 AM
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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 16, 12 12:37 AM
Hi Fishies,

I just wanted to add to the OP: This thread has been reserved for reviews only.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by Valdy on Aug 16, 12 1:13 AM
Morning, all...

There are 3 gameplay modes.

There is a choice of custom and system cursor.

In some scenes a green eye or a yellowish tag is attached to the custom cursor. The tutorial didn't explain to me what they are for, or why they need to be there.
I imagine the tag (or is it a lock?) means I can't do anything at that place just yet?

ETA: I have just been informed by a nice fishie that those attachments to the cursor are to do with powers you gain throughout the game.
Throughout gameplay you will gain different abilities, which will be added to the rings at the left.

Music and Sound are separate.

There is no voice-over.
There is no widescreen.
There is no diary.
There is no map.

The HINT button, which also works beautifully outside of the iHOS (interactive hidden object scenes) is at the right.

In Easy mode, the HINT button refills immediately when used outside of the iHOS, and takes about 15 seconds to refill in the iHOS. Thank you, developers !!

Graphics are very nicely done inside the iHOS and in the main scenes.

Just above the Hint is the SG (strategy guide), which stays open where you last left it open.
Inside the SG you can also find the extras.

Puzzles can be skipped. The SKIP button fills within 15-20 seconds in Easy mode. Thank you , thank you, thank you, developers.

There are 12 Snake Keys to be found throughout the game. You can see how many you have collected at the bottom left-hand corner.

--- --- ---

Some hardcore gamers might find this game a little tame and easy. For me it's just right.
Gameplay is the way I like it, and there are lots of things to do and collect, and graphics are nicely done.

The one think I can't stand is when I get repetitive sounds. While outside of the house, an owl hooted constantly - always the same sound. Drove me bananas. I really wish that IF there has to be repetitive sounds, to make it less frequent.

Apart from that, I like the game, and it's a buy for me.

Edited to change "hotted" to "hooted". LOL

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by Poutoule on Aug 16, 12 1:20 AM
Played 30 minutes, Casual

-3 modes, casual, advanced, expert
- Integrated SG which only shows 2 chapters of the sample, couldn't turn the pages...
- No voice overs
- You've got to find 12 snake keys throughout the game
- You have to find your hint button at the beginning of the game, it refills very quickly (casual) and tells you at least -outside H0- that you have nothing to do here...
-Skip button
- No note book (or I didn't find it !)
- No map
- H0 are clear, objects sometimes tiny and stuck at the bottom of the screen, you interact
- Mini games not too difficult (only came across two in the 30 minutes I played)
- Absolutely gorgeous graphics
- Music a bit loud

Interesting story, a witch stealing someone's youth... Didn't play the sample longer as I was dying to exit and buy so that the game would be mine, all mine !!!!

ETA : are we allowed to mention the Top Evidence devs

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by Rebeca_Lily on Aug 16, 12 2:00 AM
First, I suggest you to play the casual mode. The graphics are crisp, but the chosen objects are very small (although viewable).

8 chapters and a bonus chapter, both without page numbers. (?)

The hint button does all your support, in the HOS and out of it. I don't move without it...

Thanks developers, thanks BF!

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by cbtx on Aug 16, 12 2:00 AM
From a dev I am unfamiliar with comes this tale of a foul and evil witch who is robbing others of their beauty and (presumably) their youth when everyone knows that job belongs to Father Time. Anyway, as the player who has been turned into an old woman, your job is to track down the old bag and put a stop to this nonsense.

As a SE, this would be an ok game----but as a CE it falls way short. As already pointed out there is:
-no widescreen, making the game look dated and of lower quality. Not even a non-working option such as ERS provides. (Of course, I'm sure someone will tell how it fills "their" screen)
-no voiceovers, unheard of in CEs today. (I wonder if there are voices for anyone else?)
-no journal, rarely seen in the better games.
-no map, see above
-no release of any bonus items until the game is completed (as it states in the game), which I've never understood. Some would like to use the screensavers and wallpapers while playing the game and if it is bought, then they should. Of course, the idea that concept art is interesting enough to expect extra money for is ludicrous, and the belief that the music to a game is so beautiful that anyone would want to keep it among their musical treasures is the peak of arrogance. Just my opinion.

But, as I said before, it would be ok for a SE:
-the graphics are very clear.
-the puzzles are easy and a little different.
-the hint button is quite helpful.

So, overall, not worth CE money by any measure, but I'll probably pick it up when the SE is released.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by gmac1007 on Aug 16, 12 2:09 AM
Thanks for your great review Valdy and yes Mr. Hooty Owl is rather nerve racking along with the whispering voices but Mr. Hooty Owl is definitely trying my patience.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by grabbinbugs on Aug 16, 12 2:15 AM
Review based upon casual demo play: Very surprised there are no voice overs as this is generally standard in CE's. There is no map or journal or at least none that I have found. Graphics are very well done with colors slightly muted. HOS are interactive and puzzles so far are standard fare and not difficult. The opening music is way over done and not at all appropriate for the game theme. It is also too loud. I agree with other posters that some background sounds are very repetitive and could have been toned down.The owl did get to be irritating. All in all there looks like plenty to do. The story is interesting enough ...big bad wicked witch steals beauty from unsuspecting victims (I like the "big bad wicked witch stories") so I will take a chance and probably buy.

Orca Whale
Orca Whale
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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by cherbtoo on Aug 16, 12 3:06 AM
Review based on the hour's demo

The game was stretched to fit my widescreen monitor which I guess will mean that those with 20" plus monitors will either have their graphics distorted or big black bars down the sides. As there were no voiceovers, not even the introduction, I made my DH happy and turned my speakers off because the music etc was interfering with him listening to the news.

I played the first 22 minutes in Advanced mode but I found it very frustrating for everything to be found for me as there are still some glints, although I guess there are not as many as in the Casual mode. The ones in the hidden object scenes just show you where an object is hidden so there is no need to mouse over.

The last 38 minutes were spent in Expert mode which was a better experience for me although there are still the black bar comments at the top of the screen telling you what is needed in order to proceed with that scene.

One thing I did notice between the two modes was that there were some different items to find in the first hidden object scene so I would guess that that might apply to all HO scenes and thereby give a little bit of replayability. Although the graphics are dark as befitting the theme of the game I didn't have any problem with finding anything. The puzzles I can across were easy but I liked them.

Will I buy the CE? No because ...

* The Strategy Guide doesn't show how many chapters there are so you have no idea of length so there could only be one more than the two shown.

* I am not interested in viewing the concept art sketches because I will have just seen the finished result which is much more elaborate and enjoyable to look at.

* The music in these games is looped so usually I have got fed up of hearing it long before the game has been completed so being able to listen to it again is not an incentive to pay extra, quite the reverse.

* When I clicked on the wallpaper I was told that I must complete the game first. This item is of no use to me after the game has been finished and I am playing a different one.

To me therefore the bonus chapter, which is usually only about an hour in length, will not be worth the extra $6.99 it will cost.

I will however be buying the SE to play in expert mode.


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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by angelfish106 on Aug 16, 12 4:10 AM
As has already been stated elsewhere, this CE has many omissions which will most likely prevent some from buying. No voice-overs, map or journal and lack of an option for larger w/s monitors to have the game cover the entire screen are all negative points. A journal should certainly have been included, since there are puzzles which require you to remember something you've seen elsewhere; this info has to be written down unless you have an excellent memory! Like Cherb, I played in Advanced mode and there were still a lot of glints. I shall play in Expert after buying!

But in spite of so many negatives, the game itself is very enjoyable. The graphics are sharp and quite lovely, the HOS are clear and have some interactivity, the puzzles so far are reasonably easy and the storyline is interesting enough that the demo just flew by. I never have the music on so can't comment on that. As for the extra's being locked, that has never bothered me but I can sympathise with those that find it another negative.

Since my monthly budget allows for a GCC, effectively this will cost me the price of the SE and I have a PCC to use when something else worthwhile eventually comes along! I've seen worse CE's than this one, so it's a buy for me

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by miss_marigold11 on Aug 16, 12 5:33 AM
A reasonably nice game as has been said before. Graphics are clear and interesting, music not annoying but alas numerous faults make it not close to being worth double money. I will possibly purchase this when it comes out as a regular game in spite of the faults but not CE dollars for this.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by nomatt on Aug 16, 12 6:27 AM
I thought the game was far too easy. Easy puzzles and poor interaction in the HOS. Another thing I found frustrating, why, if you don't want sparkles telling you exactly what to click, do you have to wait longer for the hints to refill? Is it too obvious to just let players choose whether to have sparkles (glints they call them) without penalising them? I know when I want a hint thanks. Generally quite poor I thought, maybe a SE but never a CE.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by sunnyglow on Aug 16, 12 7:11 AM
I can see why this was not released last week. There are still problems with this game, mainly no voice, antiquated graphics. For a CE, as others has stated, voice and a map or diary is required. To me, it seems that it is not quite "finished." The dev is new to BF I believe. If you have a large screen monitor, you should have no problem. However, if your monitor is small, the HOG scenes might be a little difficult. A no buy for me. This game was not ready for release. I agree with others. This should have been an SE, not a CE.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by tj1147 on Aug 16, 12 7:23 AM
Review after a little over half of demo: I quite like this game!

The download was fairly quick for me and the game runs very smoothly on my computer - which is one of the main reasons I ever demo a game. I played in the "casual" mode (which is what I normally do in a demo) but there was a bit more help than I needed so will go to next level if I buy the game.

Simply beautiful graphics...quite well done. Music and background sounds - I don't know as I didn't use the speakers. Story line is OK. The H0 scenes are well done with a bit of interaction in them. A fair amount of back-and-forth so far but not too much - not hard to remember where to use something found but that could certainly change as the game develops if more and more areas are opened up. There is a tiny bit of "lag time" in some areas but I can deal with that unless it gets to be longer and more often.

The hint button is quite helpful in the H0 scenes - I tried it to see how it worked but it really isn't needed there. Out of the H0 scenes, I just get "nothing to do here" or "search somewhere else", etc - which I don't like...a simple arrow to point me in the right direction would be appreciated especially as there is no map for the game. Puzzles thus far are not difficult. The "screen shots" in the SG are really difficult to see unless I click on them to enlarge the picture. I didn't think to see if it kept pace with the game as I looked at it only one time.

I really do want the game but not as a CE if it is only three or four hours of game play. I cannot estimate because only 2 chapters of the SG are available. I don't use the screen savers or sound tracks so that isn't a consideration for me when deciding to purchase a CE. If a game seems as if it will several hours (for me) and has a good bonus chapter - that is what I look for...and achievements, morphing objects, etc but I don't think this game has any of those.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by marg6043 on Aug 16, 12 7:45 AM
No a bad game at all, the graphics are good, the story line is interesting, plenty to do as you progress in the game.

Not impressive but neither is boring, just enough to keep you going.

Will I buy the game? sure, but not right now.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by pubprof on Aug 16, 12 7:55 AM
I love it, love it, love it. The graphics kind of remind me of another game, I think it was the Dark Tales series, but not sure. Anyway, the graphics are beautiful, sharp, and clear. I only played a few minutes because I have to leave for a while. When I return I will buy he CE even though I promised myself I would not buy anymore CEs. But I can't resist this one because I know I will want the bonus chapter. I have only one very minor complaint: there is frequently a short pause before changing scenes. I guess it is like a reload or something. It detracts from the game, but only slightly. The developers might want to see if this can be fixed. Other than that I think the developers did a fantastic job. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my alltime favorites.

Many thanks to BF and to the developers.Give yourselves a big pat on the back.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by Annie1115 on Aug 16, 12 8:05 AM
I'm hooked! Nice new twists! No map but my purchase decision is not based on that. Great graphics. Challenging HOS's. I like the puzzles thus far. Def buy! Worth the wait.


Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by NancySusan on Aug 16, 12 8:26 AM
1) I hate witch themes in these games. There are far too many of them, there were never any real witches in the real world, certainly none with real powers, so devs. use your imagination and do games about something else. Please. 2) I decided to check out this game because the reviews had some nice things to say; enough people (Valdy, etc.) provided such good detail about the game, I won't repeat. I played the demo on advanced (middle difficulty) and consulted the SG only once. The hint is pretty good out of the HOS, of which there are a good number, but the hint, which refilled in about 30 secs. on advanced, isn't perfect, which is why I consulted the SG (lost a button somewhere and the hint kept telling me to go elsewhere to look). With no voiceovers, no map, no diary, it makes no sense that this is a CE, and while I'm often really critical of voiceovers, having none at all just doesn't justify a CE price. I also suspect that given the witch theme, I would be less likely to care what's in the bonus game. And yes, the endlessly repetitive double-hoot (every ten seconds, by the way) was annoying. I wouldn't buy this as a CE, but may check it out as an SE when it comes out. And, again, devs. find some other theme. I've started deliberately boycotting witch games. gah.

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by Joyfullady on Aug 16, 12 9:47 AM
Based on the demo -

Strategy guide - for me didn't stay in place and the pictures showing collection of items was sometimes indistinguishable.

No Map, Journal, Voice Overs (I think in the beginning scenes would have been good)

Three choices of game play; bonus content not available until end of game

Graphics - I would not say they were superb but they weren't bad. The hardest part was a lot of the items you were seeking were small and unless the hand showed up you wouldn't know they were there.

Hint feature - would say nothing here or look somewhere else but at least twice there was some place in the scene you needed to look at to find an object.

HOGS - some interactions; but so many items were so small I just clicked and clicked until I found it.

Storyline - About a witch turning a young girl into an old lady and she must find her and get her beauty back. The basic storyline is a little different and could have been a nice development of a playable story and still might be. Unfortunately, like so many they have hung a pentagram around her, the raven, and cat's neck. There are also pentagrams and other occult items scattered through out. Not sure how interactive they will become in the story. One of the things that had me a bit puzzled was the fact there were at least two comments - one near the gate saying it hadn't been used since the Middle Ages and another later on about the dark ages - yet the sign on the school clearly shows a 1700's date and none of the areas would indicate that type of dating. If you are going to refer to history at least get the time period dates correct!

I will have to go through the walk through to see if this would be considered as a buy for me as an SE - as a CE definitely not! This is where making the full strategy guide available during demo would help sell the product. Oh and someone please put tape over that owls beak!

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Re:Reviews for Witch Hunters: Stolen Beauty Collector`s Edition

[Post New]by saphhire on Aug 16, 12 10:36 AM
I agree with what most have said. This is not CE material no buy here, but the SE will be a buy.............................ATT DEV why don't you make a CE that fishies can block anything they want, like voice, widescreen,music,sparkles,etc. That way knowone can complain about something. ;HEY I KNOW TOOLS TO MAKE YOUR OWN GAME.................... That would be a first. GAME MAKING GAME, and then we can sell it to the rest of the fishies...........Big Fish why don't you offer once a month game but make it an exceptional game....................I know it must be hard for you to find a dev that is offering games quick, but glitch games or outdated games will ruin your rep......................

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