Help Level 1-4.

[Post New]by devidein on Aug 16, 12 8:05 PM
The goals are make 6 Mayo and 2 grilled hotdogs. Well I get the mayo and 1 grilled dog but after that it will not count any other I make and I made these grilled things till I lost gold,silver and beyond and it still wouldn't register I made not only the 2 required but tons more.


Re:Help Level 1-4.

[Post New]by EPF4CATSBK on Aug 16, 12 9:31 PM
The only thing I can think of is (and I know it seems obvious but) Are you Picking them UP? Is storage full?

Think I need more details in order to help cause this game seems to be so straight forward.

Ahhh just went and rechecked the level and you misread the Goals

Goals are 2 grill machines so don't need any hot dogs just the machines. Its pretty easy to misread the pics sometimes it's Quanity 2 (meaning 2 machines) and sometimes it's Level 2

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Re:Help Level 1-4.

[Post New]by devidein on Aug 18, 12 8:48 AM
thank you.


Re:Help Level 1-4.

[Post New]by Cambeie on Jul 12, 14 6:39 PM
Thank you muchly for the help on this one. They need more tooltips on some things to explain things better.

What do the stars stand for? Because on Level 1-4, it shows a 1 inside the star in the Goal pictures.

Wait, I think I figured it out. The numbers inside the stars represent the upgrade level of the machine, correct? So if it shows a machine with a star with a 3 in it for a goal, then you have to build that machine up to level 3, is that right?

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