Power level bar--how does it work? General strategy question

[Post New]by hollyjohn on Aug 17, 12 10:04 AM
I'm near the end of this game, and still haven't figured out what makes the power level bar go up. I thought it might be time (i.e., the quicker you are the higher the power), but I really can't tell?
Also, when playing I haven't been able to tell whether doing it as quickly as possible is a good idea, or whether it's good to go on playing and turning up possibly cards that will give you more money. It's a question of whether to use either the unlocker mallet or the potion that puts out the fire immediately, or whether to hope that you turn up a card that will allow you to do a run. It seems like it's useful to use your card slasher if there's an available long run on the board, whenever that's the case. ??

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