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First battle(s)--SPOILER

[Post New]by GeorgeTSLC on Aug 17, 12 7:31 PM
I've read the walkthroughs. I tried, as an Archmage, to battle the brigands and get the sword Defender as promised. No luck; beat 'em, at the cost of one front-line fighter, but got only gold as a reward. Is this because I wasn't playing as a Knight? Is there no way to win as an Archmage.

Then I tried to go back to the castle to hire replacement fighters, but the game wouldn't let me. The fellow w/ the shield and armor on site insists there's nothing for me there and I have to go forward. So I fought the peasants, gained experience (as I did the first time thru, because that time they came up when I tried to click the brigands). Okay, lost another front-line man.

Still can't go to the castle; the spaces (aka "cells") of the path are inaccessible. Which means I have to fight the undead w/ just me and a bowman. Having done that the second time thru when I failed and got killed, I know that's a losing proposition.

With 9 minutes left to play, I'm giving up on experimenting. If somebody would like to tell me what I did wrong, how I've misunderstood the perfectly clear "walkthrough for discord times" by spd347, or anything that will explain why some of you are loving the game and I can't get started, I'd appreciate it.

I'll check back, maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next year when I review my old posts again ...

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Re:First battle(s)--SPOILER

[Post New]by spd347 on Dec 30, 12 2:37 AM
Yup, this game is hard. And the quests are timed - meaning if you don't do them fast, you get a different reward, this is absolutely fine. I got the Collector's Edition version (it comes for free pre-ordering Legends of Eisenwald) and the game seems simpler, units cost less gold.

For scenarios with undead, bowmen are useless, priests and such fair way better against the undead. Also, death magic protection items are very helpful, as well as some spells that increase immunity to magic.

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