The last diamond gear

[Post New]by Trineeb on Aug 19, 12 7:26 AM
Hi! Can someone please tell me all the places where the diamon gears was? Please I really need help!

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Re:The last diamond gear

[Post New]by SeaBamboo on Aug 19, 12 8:22 AM
hi trineeb

I took some notes from the walkthrough & typed them below: I have hidden the words in case anyone comes into this thread & doesn't want to read all the notes. Just highlight to read:

The Atrium
Take DIAMOND GEAR 1/5 by the door after you break it down.

In the Museum
go into the exhibit hall on the right.
Place the POCKET WATCH in the upper right for the DIAMOND GEAR (2/5) to appear.

In the museum
Talk to Mr.Pendergast and he will give you DIAMOND GEAR 3/5 at the end of the conversation

In the Clocksmith’s quarters
Place the POCKET WATCH on the chest for the TIME SLIDER to appear.
Move the slider all the way to the right; take the DIAMOND GEAR 4/5

In the Clocksmith's quarters
Put the ELEVATOR KEY on the lock.
Press the number 3 on the elevator. If the elevator does not work for you, go down to the elevator box by the staircase and repair it with the Time Slider.
Head right towards the TOOLS AND PARTS to activate a search scene.
Take the DIAMOND GEAR 5/5 in the lower left.

Hope this helps you out


Re:The last diamond gear

[Post New]by lurpyb on May 20, 13 9:26 AM
The pocket watch does not move.

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