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snow and fire ability

[Post New]by iamgame on Aug 19, 12 8:39 AM
where does the dragon, and fairy get there cold and fire abilities? I have been through the scenes but need fire for torch and another ability for crack in tree base. Please help ,, also what is done with keep out Property of Troll sign?

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Re:snow and fire ability

[Post New]by bfgMonongahela on Aug 19, 12 12:11 PM
Hi iamgame,

I checked the walkthrough we have for the standard version of this game and I found some info for you ~

I think you'll actually use the Fairy Diamond ability to smash the cracks in the tree. You get that ability when you find the diamond ring in the drawer in the bedroom.

It looks like you get the Fairy Flame ability when you use the coal in the Dwarf House Kitchen. Doing so turns the coal magical, so when you pick it up again, you have that ability.

And what I found about the Troll was that you'll give him Honey to make him let you cross his bridge. You collect that with a jar in the Toyshop.

You can click here to go to that walkthrough and see what I mean for each of those spots in the game. Even though you're playing the Collector's Edition, the gameplay is pretty similar so it should be a good guide for you through most of the game.

It also looks like the C.E. comes with a integrated Strategy Guide, which you can access by clicking the greyish button below the Task List in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen.

Hope that helps!


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