Soda Can Match Up

[Post New]by kymbucktoo11 on Aug 19, 12 9:19 AM
I am on the soda can match up part of the game and I can not get the cans to match up to Em's photo. I know how to turn and move the packs of soda but I am missing a few of the cans so I can not match it up. I am miss the the 6 pack that is 2nd to the top right. Is this just part of the game and I need to move the cans around more? Or its that just a glitch in my download?


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Re:Soda Can Match Up

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Aug 23, 12 2:40 AM
Heya kymbucktoo11, welcome to the Pond!

That puzzle sure sounds tricky! It looks like our Fishies have a few god tips for you on how to solve that in the following thread:

cola sorting

I hope this helps and you can finally solve the puzzle!


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