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Am I done??

[Post New]by BreeBears on Aug 20, 12 4:21 PM
So I guess I can count this game as complete at the end of day 151... which is when I have purchased everything possible (with the exception of cash bonuses since I'm guessing those go on forever)... I reached over 100K in cash after the 19th Day (held out on that last tomato until I reached that amount)... and had all my trophies by day 25 which is the earliest I am able to do it personally. I did it this early by purchasing only the decorations until I got all my seeds... and then only selling plants whose trophy I was working on.

Has anyone ever gotten all the trophies in less than 25 days?
Is there a limit on the number of days that you can play?
Is there a limit on the amount of cash you can acquire?
Is there a limit on how many crops you can have in the market?

If there was a limit to any of these things.. I might keep playing, otherwise I think it is well past time I retire this game for a while LOL

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