Finished game, but it won't let me exit

[Post New]by goatsrgreat on Aug 20, 12 4:46 PM
Completed game,witch began to disappear. The Earl and bride appeared, then I was back to the witch in the bedroom. I hit the tint button, and the fairy told me that we were done in that scene. I tried to find someplace else to go, and there wasn't anyplace else to go. Can anyone help me finish the game completly?

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Re:Finished game, but it won't let me exit

[Post New]by bfgBiwa on Aug 23, 12 2:06 AM
Heya goatsrgreat,

I've had a look around for you and found the following steps in our Mystery of the Earl Walkthrough for the bedroom:

- Pluck a FEATHER from the OWL with the TWEEZERS.
- DUST the FRAMED PORTRAIT on the table to make the Witch sigh. Give the BOTTLE to the Witch to capture that emotion.
- Give the ONION to the Witch to make her cry. Give her the SIGH BOTTLE to capture that emotion.
- Tickle the Witch with the FEATHER to make her laugh. Give her the BOTTLE to capture that emotion.
- Place the EMOTIONS on the CRYSTAL BALL.

I hope this helps!


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