Game only showing a corner the game

[Post New]by CocoaBee on Aug 21, 12 4:49 AM
I just downloaded Twisted Lands, onto my iPhone and IPad but it's only showing the left hand corner of the game on the entire screen. I've downloaded lots of games before and nothing like this has ever happened, any ideas on how to fix it would be great.

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Re:Game only showing a corner the game

[Post New]by bfgBaikal on Aug 21, 12 5:26 AM
Hi CocoaBee,

Welcome to the Pond!

There are different versions of this game, tailored specifically to the screen size on the iPhone and iPad respectively.

It sounds like the iPhone version of this game is having trouble displaying on the iPad due to the increased screen size and resolution.

There are some display settings you can tweak but if that doesn't work, you will need to choose which device you wish to play on.

If you have purchased the iPhone version and would prefer the iPad version for example, please get in touch with Apple to see if they can't swap that version you currently have.

Just a tip as well, if a game title mentions HD, this will be the version for the iPad.

Finally, as this is a game specific issue I will pop this over to the Twisted Lands: Insomniac Collector's Edition Forum to keep things tidy. Also, as we already have technical thread dedicated to this game here, I will be locking this thread as well but feel free to repost in that thread I mentioned.

I hope this helps!


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