The verry big boat

[Post New]by massi123 on Aug 22, 12 7:25 AM
After all the time playing this game

Today i had my first 184 boat, the huge cruiseship

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For the pic

420 passagers
Size 184
Had it after 84 days

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Re:The verry big boat

[Post New]by massi123 on Aug 22, 12 8:12 AM
For the rookies, or just the guys who wanna know

This is what i believe the list of boats

Sailing Boats:

Tiny Sailboat 1 person Size 2 persons per size 0,5
Small Sailboat 2 person Size 4 pps 0,5
Medium Sailboat 4 person Size 10 pps 0,4
Large Sailboat 6 person Size 12 pps 0,5
XL Sailboat 12 person Size 14 pps 0,86
Small Sail Yacht 20 person Size 27 pps 0,74
Large Sail Yacht 50 person Size 33 pps 1,51
Small Sailship 120 person Size 33 pps 3,64
Medium Sailship 180 person Size 56 pps 3,21
Large Sailship 210 person Size 60 pps 3,5
XL Sailship 350 person Size 110 pps 3,18

Small Motorboat 2 person Size 4
Medium Motorboat 4 person Size 10
Large Motorboat 6 person Size 12
XL Motorboat 12 person Size 14
Small Motor yacht 20 person Size 27
Large Motor yacht 50 person Size 33
Small Motorship 120 person Size 52 pps 2,31
Medium Motorship 180 person Size 56
Large Motorship 210 person Size 60
XL Motorship 350 person Size 85 pps 4,12

Marine ship:

Marine Cruiser 300 person Size 95 pps 3,16
Small Marine Cruiser 280 person Size 95 pps 2,94
Medium Marine Cruiser 380 person Size 110 pps 3,45


Small Cruise 300 person Size 95
Medium Cruiser 340 person Size 110 pps 3,09
Huge Cruiser 420 person Size 184 pps 2,28

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Re:The verry big boat

[Post New]by massi123 on Aug 24, 12 8:24 AM
Anyone knows what the land attractions are, but which one is best?

Yeah i know, you can't build a thousand small bars, so you just build a amusement park
But are 3 promenades not better then one amusement park ?

So heres a list of numbers of these land attractions


Small Bar 10 people Size 2x3 780$ 78$/people 130$/size
Small Restaurant 20p Size 3x3 1050$ 52,5 $/p 116,66$/s
Big Bar 60p Size 4x5 2280$ 38$/p 114$/s
Big Restaurant 60p Size 3x5 2280$ 38$/p 152$/s
Sports Field 140p Size 3x3 2000$ 14,29$/p 222,22 $/s
Promenade 380p Size 3x9 12800 $ 33,68$/p 474,07 $/s
Amusement park 1200p Size 10x10 20500 $ 17,08 $/p 205$/s


Small Hotel 60p Size 4x3 3800$ 63,33 $/p 316,66 $/s
Grand Hotel 410p Size 6x7 15800$ 38,53 $/p 376,19 $/s
Holiday Resort 1500p Size 10x14 32000$ 21,33 $/p 228,57 $/s

For me, size doesn't matter. You have plenty of land. And if you sort your bars hotels, you can make perfect squares
So size and income per size isn't that important

What does matter is capacity and income per person
You see that small things have more income per person

One tip, don't build amusement parks, build promenades. Promenades has double the income per person. And are easy to build, because they have small size.

Holiday resort isn't that good either, but if you want alot of capacity you can build one.

When my marina is at max size i have around 3000 people daily. And sometimes a peak of around 4000 people

So i like my max capacity around 4000 people

I build 10 promenades and around 15 small pubs.
Small pubs and restaurants you can build as much as you want, because they don't have alot of capacity. You can build like 38 small pubs or 19 small restaurants for the capacity of 1 promenade.

So i have income of 139.700 $ and capacity of 3950p.
If you should build 3 amusement parks, you have income of 61.500$ for 3600p. That's almost half.

For hotels, i build 1 holiday resort, 10 small hotels and 5 grand hotels

I like one holiday resort for the capacity, because grand hotels are pretty big of size, and the aren't that easy to build in square blocks.

So i have income of 149.000$ and capacity of 4150p.

If you should build 3 holiday resorts, you have 4500p and 96.000$. Thats around 60% of my setup.

You can build 9 grand hotels and 10 small hotels, but that choise is up to you
Then you have 180.200$ and 4290p

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