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Finished this great game

[Post New]by Sherryah on Aug 24, 12 1:14 AM
It took me 10 hours 25 minutes to finish the game. I was up all night having so much fun the evening just flew by. Going to bed now. I had to skip some of the puzzles I hate sliding puzzles,connecting pipes and the counting squares puzzles. I would have liked to see more variety in the puzzles, many of the puzzles were the same kind thankfully the skip bar fills quickly.

The owl guided me when I was stuck or clicking the question mark. I did use the guide a few times. I got stuck one time where I thought I would never win the game and that was in the lower control panel trying to get the knob in a hole I could not see, but I finally got through it as my other post said.

I also skipped all the rune puzzles, I did not have the patience to solve them and found the runes written in many places boring.

Sorry to say I doubt I can help be of help to anyone because like I said I used the owl for help many times.

It took me 10 hours 25 minutes to finish the game so I feel I got my moneys worth. Thanks BoomZap for the great voices and sense of humor of certain characters. The puzzles that are unique are so much fun so I took my time and enjoyed them did not use the skip so it lengthened the game for me.

I forgot to add I skipped the nonogram puzzles and quilt numbered squares I hate those kind of puzzles and find them boring. If you do the puzzles it will take you even longer if you like that sort of puzzle.

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